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The Voices of London with Miss Kakande

  • The Platform 2 Ridgeway Road London SW9 7AH UK (map)

Tired of Hollywood endings, contrived storylines and morality lessons?
Well, come along and share your real stories and make a radio show about the untold stories of London.

The Voices of London radio was launched to help tackle isolation, resonate with common experience and share different points of view.

What happens?
You turn up, take a seat and have some snacks. The conversation starts.

The Voices of London is a talk show where Miss Kakande takes the episode were it needs to go. 

Miss Kakande guides by asking questions that require some thought.  In most episodes you will hear some umms, hold on let me think, I agree, I don't agree, don't ask me! Ask me! She will put you at ease and share your real tales.

Bringing people together can have more of an impact than you would ever expect...

Miss Kakande...

Gets the conversations started
Lets the laughter let rip

Creates a space for thought and reflection

In only the way she can.

Oh and a word from Miss Kakande:  

Don't wait

       for  permission to start.

            You don't need it.

We'd like to have an idea of the number of people attending so please reserve your place below.