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Evening Mindfulness with Jo Barclay

Do you cringe when ‘work-life’ balance is mentioned? Are we not alive and breathing when we are ‘at work’?

The daily routines of freelancers and self-managed groups of creatives are varied  and the experience of 'living' and 'working' can get blurred. Negotiating, managing on unpredictable incomes, dealing with deadlines, planning workshops sessions and promotion?

How do you manage the stress this creates?

Can mindfulness play a role in enhancing the deep desire within us all to create, to prioritise the space we need to think about how we structure our routine?
Jo Barclay from Munen Mindfulness looks at how we can nurture the inner conditions needed to achieve this.
Munen provide courses to bring wellbeing into the workplace through mindfulness.

Mindfulness can familiarise you with the role the mind plays on how you live your life. Gaining an awareness of your perception of things and become more aware of the present moment, including thoughts, emotions, and experiences, without judgement or manipulation. 
This can dramatically transform our experience of our working day, our emotional state and the way we structure our creative practice.

You will be given an introduction to a range of skills to help you be more energised, calm and responsive and to build your resilience to physical and emotional tension, whether expressed through anxiety or fear.

Jo trained as a speech & language therapist at UCL. She has worked in the health and education, and not-for-profit sectors, in both clinical and management roles.
She works with adults, children and young people to develop their communication and interaction skills, and has specialist training with the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

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