We take up Space @ the Platform Project


Can creators thrive in the art and well-being space?
 8 - 20 March 2016
Two week season of events at the Platform Project
Loughborough Junction, London

Feeling a little ragged around the edges? Time. money and resources squeezed?

Feeling confused, overwhelmed and not getting enough out of your creative practice?

Want to make stuff?

Don't worry... we have some events for that.

We Take Up Space invite youto a season of talks, workshops and events at The Platform, a pop-up space in located very close to Loughborough Junction station in south London

Go to our events page to see what's going on and to book.
These events are busy so please ensure you reserve a space and arrive on time. 

The space is provided by the Platform Project, an initiative run by Meanwhile Space, a social enterprise working across the private, public and community sectors and aiming to boost community uses of empty properties and sites.

Thank you Meanwhile Space CIC!

The Platform
2 Ridgeway Road


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Hi, my name is Ronke.

Ronke Omotosho

Ronke Omotosho

I started WE TAKE UP SPACE to bring performers, makers and artists together and to persevere through the tough times.

WE TAKE UP SPACE is here to facilitate co-operation and develop connections that will help creatives progress and not give up on their craft.

WE TAKE UP SPACE is a lasso to round up a band of inspiring practitioners, concepts and resources that will help you find more space to create.

We are evolving and ask you to join us.  We have an abundance mentality.  There are so many opportunities out there and we are here to help you make the most of them.

I love to promote co-operative models of working and have an arts and dance background. My events experience spans education, entertainment and think tanks.

Dance-ophiles out there can sign up for news of our dance-on-film evenings beginning in Spring 2016 and my blog dance:bite here.